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About This Site


Disability Online was developed as an information portal for people with disabilities and their carers.


I have developed this site because I have seen an overwhelming need to share resources,link information and supports.  


I started working with people with disabilities as a volunteer at Monkami special school in Croydon Vic when I left school in 1980 at 16 years of age.  I felt that this was the career for me and I have remained working with people with disabilities since then.


In the 30+ years since I started working I have worked in NSW, Vic and Queensland in various roles and with various levels of responsibility.  I have had the opportunity to work in both government and non government organisations, in accommodation, employment, advocacy, institutions, respite, forensics, travel,  mental health, aged care, child care, day programs, rehabilitation and nursing.


Like most people who are involved in the disability sector can relate to,  I have spent countless hours/days/weeks/months/years  searching for information and services that would better help support people’s  individual or specialised needs.  There has been many occasions that I have been surprised to find out that services, supports or funding existed that I was unaware of, or could have accessed much earlier had I known.


I decided a few years ago that I would develop my own website that would tell others of services and supports that are available, not only individual states but Australia wide.  


This website is a work in progress.  I remain working full time and I am developing this site after my regular working hours with help from Brian Williamson (my dad).


I would appreciate hearing form anyone with information on services or supports that would help others.


I will be adding items to the website to help pay for the cost and improvement of this site.  This will include books for sale via Amazon and adverts.  The books I have selected from Amazon are books that have the higher rating or recommendation and hopefully are also available second hand.  


Ultimately, it might sound ambitious, but I would like this site to be accessible to everybody and I would like to include every disability service or support available in Australia.


I'm working on it!!





Sharon Williamson

Disability Online